Ultimate Cloud Services©

The ultimate cloud solution for all your voice and data needs

  • Hosted Phone System
  • Web Hosting and Email Available
  • Up to 30 different features for your PBX
  • Videoconferencing and free Phone System when you sign up

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Data & MPLS

Service package for Domestic and Long Distance Services.

  • Domestic Point-To-Point (Private Line) Services
  • International Point-To-Point (Private Line) Services
  • Intra-LATA Point-To-Point (Private Line) Services
  • IP Data Services (Internet Access)
  • Frame Relay Services
  • Consultative Support
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Hosted Microsoft® Exchange

Hosted Microsoft® Exchange with GPVOiCE takes the worry and inconvenience off your hands

  • Enhanced Security with anti-spam and virus protection
  • Excellent Performance & 100% Guaranteed Uptime
  • Integration across all devices
  • 24/7 support
  • Large mailbox space up to 25GB
  • Custom mailboxes-Email addresses
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Voice & Toll Free

For all your long distance calls and Toll Free numbers!

  • Long Distance Rates
  • Competitive International Rates
  • International & Domestic Toll Free
  • Travel Cards
  • Pre-paid Phone Cards

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