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GP Voice provides a cloud-based business communication system. Voice over Internet (VoIP) system with Voice, Video, Messaging and Collaboration. This all-in-one solution includes all the best features such as mobile and desktop access to take your office on the go, video & audio conferencing, business SMS, Live & Facebook Chat.  Plus professional installation and training.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, their seasoned executive staff has 50+ combined years of telecommunication experience with a 27-year track record here in the valley of the sun. GP Voice provides a broad range of communication services designed to meet the unique needs of their business customers nationwide.

GP Voice prides itself on being a one stop network service solution for your entire telecommunication needs nationwide. At GP Voice we won’t try to fit you into a box, but rather take the time to look at the total needs of the customer and customize a solution that works best based on those needs.


Excellence of products, services and team are what drive GP Voice to success. State-of-the art products and services to grow your business.

Customer care

GP Voice is available 24 X 7 to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.  Our staff is dedicated to making every customer service interaction the best experience.

In house On-boarding

On-boarding is completed by our experienced technicians, not outsourced to a third party.  This allows us the opportunity to fully service our customers and have control on resolving any concerns without the middle man.

Support & Training

Training is unlimited and hands on.  User manuals are helpful, but in-person guidance is the best way to ensure our customers get the most out of our feature rich products.

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GPVoice Referral Terms and Conditions

*Your referral’s service must be active for 60 days to receive payment. The referral lead you listed has give consent to be contacted by GPVoice. You acknowledge and agree to GPVOice informing your lead that their contact information was received by us from you. GPVoice reserves the right to amend or discontinue the referral program at any time. As a referrer (1) you must be: (a) a current business customer operating in the United States; and (2) your existing account(s) must be in good standing at the time of the referral. Other restrictions may apply.

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